Super Lawyers Highlights Bruce Rosen’s First Amendment Achievements

In an article in April 2018, Super Lawyers featured Bruce S. Rosen expanding the rights of journalists.

As the article explains, Bruce’s interest in the media is rooted in his parents’ respect for free speech. His father spoke up for him when, as editor of the high school’s underground newspaper, Bruce got into trouble for publishing an anti-war letter. And when Bruce was in elementary school, his mother quit her volunteer position as a librarian after a controversial book was pulled from the shelves.

Bruce says those two events shaped his life. “To have a part in strengthening the right to speak without consequence has always been important to me,” he is quoted as saying.

He went on to become a journalist before going to law school and representing media outlets – including numerous television networks, The New York Times and Dow Jones & Co. – in a wide range of cases.

Bruce shared with Super Lawyers his concerns for the future of the media. “My fear is that the rules are going to change,” he says. “People don’t appreciate the rights that are afforded by the First Amendment and by New York Times v. Sullivan.”

Read the article here.

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