Public Relations / Crisis Management

Public Relations & Crisis Management

When clients are presented with an event that gives rise to significant legal, financial, and public relations exposure, clients need to remain focused on running their business. MARC’s crisis management lawyers can allow management to focus on the profit line and help guide an organization through difficult situations. We can handle multifaceted problems with multifaceted demands. Whether it is “bet the company” litigation, regulatory proceedings, or a criminal investigation – MARC can help institutions prepare and respond and protect the reputation of management and the organization.

We have decades of experience in providing clients with coordinated political, business, public relations, and legal advocacy.

Please contact John B. McCusker or Bruce S. Rosen for additional information.

Related Lawyers

Partner and Co-Founder

John McCusker, a director and co-founder, represents corporate and individual clients, including Fortune 500 petroleum and pharmaceutical corporations, in employment discrimination, environmental/remediation and complex commercial litigation matters.

Partner and Co-Founder

Bruce Goldstein, a director and co-founder, leverages more than 25 years of expertise in civil litigation and criminal defense, coupled with a career as an award-winning newspaper reporter and editor, in bringing about the best result for his clients. He has long been associated with high-profile First Amendment litigations related to free speech, media law (such as defamation and open public records) and religious freedom.

Alice Shanahan, a partner, has extensive experience representing and counseling clients in highly complex environmental matters in New Jersey and New York. She handles all aspects of environmental law, including policy, enforcement, regulatory compliance, settlements with regulatory entities, pursuit of potentially responsible parties (PRPs), permits, audits, remediation, transactions, property transfers, Superfund matters, environmental risk assessments and management of environmental liabilities.

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