MARC Attorneys Author Article on Lithium-Ion Battery Litigation for New Jersey Law Journal

In an article for the New Jersey Law Journal, “Lessons Learned from Lithium-Ion Battery Litigation,” MARC partner Asaad Siddiqi and associate James Harry Oliverio provide practical advice for manufacturers, retailers and suppliers regarding legal exposure from risks associated with lithium-ion batteries.

While lithium-ion batteries have been pivotal in advancing technology – like cell phones, computers, e-cigarettes and cars, to name a few – unfortunately, these batteries can present dangers to consumers. Under certain conditions, lithium-ion batteries have been shown to catch on fire and explode causing serious harm to users.

When assessing liability, the natural question in exploding battery cases is “what caused this?” According to Siddiqi and Oliverio, “There can be any number of reasons ranging from faulty battery design, battery malfunction, or consumer usage.”

Read the full article here.

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