MARC Attorney Allison Zsamba Authors Article on How New York Leave Laws Impact the Restaurant Industry

In an article for Modern Restaurant Management Magazine, Keeping Restaurants in Business: Sick, Safe, and Vaccination Leave in New York,” MARC attorney Allison Zsamba informs restaurant owners about New York’s modified leave laws that have expanded sick and safe leave and created a new paid leave so that employees may obtain their COVID-19 vaccinations.  As she explains, understanding the leave entitlements is a restaurant owner’s preventative care for having successful and hospitable restaurants for employees and guests alike.

She writes, “Staying on top of changes in employment laws, such as the leave entitlements described here, will certainly help add some predictability to an otherwise unpredictable world. Most importantly, understanding the law is your business’s preventative care and will go a long way to making your restaurant successful and hospitable for employees and guests alike.”

Read the full article here.

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