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John L. Shahdanian II Joins the NJSBA Pandemic Task Force

As COVID-19 continues to affect the normal operation of most businesses and services, the New Jersey State Bar Association (NJSBA) has decided that access to justice should no longer be one of them. In response to the prolonged effects of COVID-19, the NJSBA Pandemic Task Force has been created. MARC Law is proud to announce that John L. Shahdanian II is a part of the Pandemic Task Force. This Task Force will be able to provide guidance to law firms and adjust operations of the court system to new social distancing standards.

Kimberly A. Yonta, the NJSBA President stated that “The Association, with the vast experience of its diverse members, has an obligation and responsibility to provide expertise and guidance to the legal community and public as we navigate the road ahead.” In order to address the many facets of this new road, five specialized committees were created to make up the Pandemic Task Force. The committees are as follows:

  1. Courthouse Logistics and Operations – This committee will focus on addressing and guiding municipal courts, the state’s Superior Courts, and the state’s federal courts in safely reopening. Domenick Carmagnola, NJSBA President-Elect is the chair of this committee.
  2. Practice of Law – This committee will tackle the upcoming opportunities and inevitable challenges that the legal field will face regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Jeralyn Lawrence, NJSBA First Vice President and Timothy McGoughran, Second Vice President are the chairs of this committee.
  3. Resuming Jury Trials – Considerations for New Jersey’s Supreme Courts to safely resume civil and criminal trials as declared by Constitutional law will be addressed here. Safety and effectiveness are top priorities for the chair of this committee, William Mergner Jr., NJSBA Treasurer.
  4. Law Firm Openings – The utmost importance of the health of lawyers, employees and clients will be taken into account in handling the opening of law offices by this committee and its chair, Christine Amalfe, NJSBA Secretary.
  5. Access to Justice – The goal of this committee is to consider the legal needs of the less advantaged groups and determine how to be of assistance to all populations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Actively promoting, the NJSBA’s pro bono program goes hand-in-hand with this initiative. Evelyn Padin, NJSBA Immediate Past President, is the chair of this section of the task force.

As a veteran practitioner of employment law, John L. Shahdanian II is sure to bring his immense knowledge from years of experience to the table. Shahdanian’s areas of practice include Government Representation, Employment Counseling and Employment Litigation. If you have questions or need legal counsel in any of these areas, please contact John or any of our experienced attorneys at McCusker, Anselmi, Rosen & Carvelli, P.C. (MARC).

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