Asaad Siddiqi Offers Remarks on Retirement of Bergen County Bar Association Executive Director Frank O’Marra

MARC Law partner Asaad Siddiqi, a member of the Bergen County Bar Association’s board of trustees, offered his remarks in a New Jersey Law Journal tribute on January 22 to Executive Director Frank O’Marra on his retirement, noting Frank’s practical approach to handling diverse issues and his steady hand in helping the Bergen Bar Association grow.

“Through countless interactions with him over the years, I feel that I received more from our friendship than I deserved,” said Siddiqi. “Whether it was his practical nature with lawyers and judges or his thoughtfulness on issues of diversity, his steady hand, along with current president Joe Maurice and prior presidents, has helped the Bergen Bar Association grow in importance during very difficult times, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”

Read full article here.

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